With the repeat business we've received over the years, we're confident you enjoy the ever-growing catalog here at But it stands to reason no single comic can address the very specific things you've always wanted to see, a fantasy brought to life in cartoon format.

And hey, we can tell you, art can be expensive, and we've been fortunate over the years to find some talented artists who are happy to work in our budget, and put a little money in their pockets and ours as well. So this lets us help YOU realize your dream through a custom comic creation.

Our goal is to continue the work here at, with even more exciting female fight toons from Lykamo, Byron and others. We invite you to participate in that growth, by commissioning your very own custom comic.

Cost can be as little as $125 for a 20 panel comic! And we'll even rebate you back some of that in the form of store credit. You are NOT going to find quality artwork anywhere for a better price.

Terms of course apply, and rather than boring you with details here, we've created a PDF file you can download HERE.

So thanks for reading, and we hope the next time you deserve to splurge a little on yourself, keep us in mind!


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