Comic Reader

Okay, so most of you buy our comics in Zipped format, where the jpeg images are compressed into a single file. You unzip them, and enjoy them one image at a time, with an image viewer such as Windows Live Photo Gallery or similar.

And that works. But did you know there's a BETTER way?

On a PC, we enjoy using CDisplay, an image view program that will easily display image files in full-screen mode. CDisplay is a small, non-invasive program that works for us all the way through Windows 10. You can download CDisplay here:

Once installed, to use CDisplay on your uncompressed zipped file, just right-click on the file, and you'll see the option to open the file with "Sequential Image Display." That's it! The file will quickly and easily open in full screen mode. Once the file is opened, you can right-click to see all the neat menu options. Or just easily start navigation by hitting the Space Bar or Page Down. To go backwards, hit Shift+Space Bar or Page Up. Hit P and you see a partial thumbnail of all the files; hit ESC to return to normal viewing.

If you are tech-savvy, you can change the file extension from .zip to .cbz and CDisplay will open the file automatically for you without having to right-click.

We have no information on programs for Apple products, but you can probably find a similar, free comic book reader with a quick search.

Foxy Brawlers comics look REALLY great on tablets, too! For android devices we recommend Perfect Viewer. The colors are crisp and bright, and for those color devices that accept SD cards, it's a great way to maintain privacy and security for your Foxy Brawlers collection. For best results, convert the file extension from .zip to .cbz.

If your device doesn't allow SD cards, you can email them to yourself or use an online backup program that lets you download them to your device. A local area network in your home may allow you to access shared folders on your computer or hard drive. Some wi-fi routers have ports for a hard drive or SD card.

Try CDisplay or other Comic Book Reader program for yourself. Click the link for a sample of the last seven ZenbayMono Gallery covers:

ZenbayMono CBZ file


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