Cage Boxing Beauties

Cage Boxing Beauties

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HEY! You got a ringside seat waiting for you!

BYRON is back with another great sexy slugging story!

Meet SHELLEY, a beautiful brunette who, in her free time, is a modest manicurist, you know, the girl who sits away from the chairs and no one seems to notice? Well they notice her when she strips down to skin-hugging briefs and lethal boxing gloves, with her full (and ALL natural!) breasts bobbing and weaving for all to see (and enjoy)!

And now her opponent SHANNON, an assembly line worker, toiling endlessly Monday through Friday, diligently insuring each part is put together securely, so that no person buying the JEM line of appliances will ever worry about their product coming apart! But on the WEEKENDS... different story! Here, in the confines of steel fencing, this seductive blonde lets her hair down AND most of her clothes, and instead of putting things TOGETHER, Shannon puts her effort into TAKING THINGS APART! Her new disassembly project is SHELLEY!

The damage in this adventure includes tit punching, head shots, belly beatings and a couple of mean pussy punches too!

21 images in all, and these girls are KNOCKOUTS! Especially one of them at the end...

By the BEST Friend of the Gorgeous Boxing Girls... BYRON!

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