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It's another bizarre card at the DUNGEON ARENA, and the main event is between CANDI RIZZO and SHEILA MILANI, veterans of the fight circuit who haven't faced each other in years. Their match tonight is a unique, three event encounter!

The first round is called "THE PUNCH," each girl wears kid gloves and alternate blows to the other's breast until one cannot go on.

In round two, "THE CRUSH," the girls each take a firm grip on the other's bared breasts, and again, they squeeze until a submission.

In their final round, "THE BASH," the girls' hands are tied behind their backs, and so they must attack with whatever is left... their legs and breasts!

Amazing and brutal, this is an 8 page ( 8 1/2 x 11 inches) comic by legendary KEVIN KARSTENS, with about 40 images.

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