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Introducing our favorite NEW scrapper...


Well, you've already met her (BIG RHONDA vs LITTLE SUSIE) but this is the first story we contracted that featured her, and Lisa B did such an outstanding job with her we actually got a second story finished before Lisa completed her beautiful renderings for this longer tale!

Our story opens with Clara reluctantly agreeing to let her daughter Susie have a boxing match with Mona's daughter Tawny. The girls have been bickering about everything from music to boys, and so Mona believes letting them "duke it out" to clear the air. Both Susie and Tawny are ready willing and able to do battle, so the quartet of females find themselves in Mona's basement (why is it that everyone has a boxing ring in their basement?) and the girls are already in the ring, lacing on the gloves.

Full-figured Susie's stripped down to her black bra and a pair of denim shorts, while Tawny's decided to box in her favorite white bikini. It's anybody's guess why they're wearing boxing boots...

We wish we could tell you that the girls have it out, settle their differences, and, as Mona suggests, become "bosom buddies." But such is not the case, especially when first one mom, and then the OTHER, strips down to their bra, panties, garterbelt and high heels, (and actually stop to put on boxing gloves too) and get in the boxing action as well!

We CAN tell you though that one mother-daughter team is knocked out COLD at the end, and both girls find the experience VERY satisfying... especially one of the MOMS!

28 gorgeous renderings by LISA B (she just keeps getting better).

800 x 640 pixel sized jpeg images with navigational HTML pages
in a 6 MB zipped download!

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