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Lil' Leather

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Junior Foxy Boxing was very quick to be taken up in parts of America, especially when the parents didn't like each other anyway, so they were able to "duke it out" vicariously through their daughters!

Such is the case with LISA and CANDY, school girls with looks as lethal as their gloves. They may not know much about boxing, but that would explain the low blows and breast punching!

Their moms don't keep out of the action either, helping their girls any chance they get.

It's a great comic and with 32 panels, a great value too. By one of OUR favorite talents, MASSIVE BRAIN!

Contains NO Nudity!

The action continues in "LITTLE LEATHER 2" by D. Mallette!

AND there's a TOPLESS version (HEY! They're 18 now!) that you can find HERE

Get a screen-size PDF file with instant access for a couple of dollars more HERE

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