With Friends Like These

With Friends Like These

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BETTY McCANE and LOLITA LANE, a pair of 18 year old, big-busted beauties, show great promise in the topless wrestling business, and we decided to showcase their talents against a couple of equally big-busted ring veterans! We're speaking of course of SUNNI DAE and BAMBI DAHL!

They're none too happy about having to work as partners - and whether or not they WILL remains to be seen! Spoiler alert - when you have THAT much boob in the ring, it's an easy guess what's going to get attacked!!

It's a one-fall brawl-for-it-all, and we hope you'll enjoy the latest story by D. NYE, marvelously rendered by the amazing LYKAMO!

Topless tag-team wrestling... what's NOT to love?

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