Teena Dream Erotically Revisited

Teena Dream Erotically Revisited

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If you've been with us for a while, the odds are that among the very first exciting images the internet ever brought you were the unique characters created by the one and only PC TOONS. And those odds also suggest that your very first and perhaps still favorite virtual fighter was the diminutive  TEENA DREAM, first introduced in her amazing battle with the ebony Goddess of Gloves, DOMINO GLAMAZON.

Teena has made a couple of appearances since then, PC TOONS brought her into his classic SPRING BREAK series, we had an unofficial (and private) rematch for the former champ with Domino, rendered by Javier, and Byron brought us a battle for the belt between Teena and Little Susie.

What is the fascination here? Likely the same fascination we have with all of PC's inventions - they just speak to us.

As we began considering a new approach with Teena, we asked ourselves, what if she had been more realistic? How do you get more outrageous than PC did?

And so an outline was developed. But it still wasn't quite "punchy" enough. And when we considered an option of "taboo," we had to stop for a moment. And think. Would we be doing justice to the "brave little school girl?"

And ultimately we decided, PC TOONS didn't create amazing characters by overthinking the script. He did what he did, pleased with the work and hoped everyone else would enjoy it.

And too, we remember the words of famous comedian George Carlin who said of comedy, "A good comedian should know where the line is... and cross it."

WIth that philosophy guiding us, we finalized the script and put it the hands of the very capable Reynaldo, who has an eye for angles and a fabulous skill with color.

So here we present, "TEENA DREAM: EROTICALLY REVISITED," wherein our "brave little school girl" is something of a dark figure - a brave and tough fighter yes, but shockingly involved with her dad, Darrin. Domino? She's still big, and she's still bad.

Don't expect big, bold, colorful and funny here - though we've borrowed the characters, we've put them in a different world - and "elseworld," if you will - and the law of gravity is about the only law that applies here.

It's a five-page comic in PDF format, with over 20 panels plus a beautiful full-page pin-up cover. As an added bonus, we've included the original first-draft pencils from Rey (can you catch the minor changes?) and a page where Rey explored different hairstyles for Domino. And we've included the very script that Rey worked from, which provides not only panel direction but tonal direction, giving some insight to the characters as well.

It's NOT for everyone for sure, so be warned! But if you're a fan of most of our stuff and just want to keep your Teena Dream collection complete, it does fall into the category of "must have."

Delivered ONLY in Adobe PDF format, about 10 MB

Also available for INSTANT access for a couple dollar more at our LULU store HERE


Don't have Acrobat Reader? It's available for nearly any operating system in the world, and it's free. Download here:

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