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It is really great to finally be able to offer you the product of a very talented artist, eDc. We've been waiting for months to get this in front of you, and it's almost worth the wait!

Jayne Setzer and Bettie Coxx are big girls, veteran wrestlers, and they DON'T like each other! Each bout is a guaranteed treat for the crowd, and so they command top-dollar from the promoter. Their rivalry has even affected the great Mexican fashion designer, known simply as "Byroni," who offered $5,000 to the winner's favorite charity if they would wrestle in his latest lingerie.

So we find them not in wrestling togs, but bra, panties, garters and hose, the only semblance of tradition being their ring boots! It's a one-fall affair, and referee Milt Daniels will definitely have his hands full maintaining order in the ring tonight.

We present the match in 25 panels, at our largest size to date, a whopping 1024 x 768 pixels. That should fill your monitor!

Delivered as 7 MB Zipped File.

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