Casino Showdown Part 2

Casino Showdown Part 2

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Monica Light Feather and Mary Sue Barnes have not been what anyone would call friends. Mary Sue's family and Monica's tribe have been at war nearly since the west was settled and both parties battled for a rich part of land in upper New Mexico. 

Both girls were raised to hate the other and did so with great enthusiasm. Fighting came easy to both women and their voluptuous bodies got them attention from every foxy wrestling and boxing promoter west of the Mississippi.  It was a matter of time before a smart promoter would realize the gold he could mine from this Wild-West rivalry - and he booked them to two of his shows.

In part TWO, these brutal beauties get in on in topless jello WRESTLING!

14 JPEG images, 900 x 675 Pixels
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Amazing art from LYKAMO, story by E. WHYTE

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