M.A.M. Martial Arts Mayhem 3

M.A.M. Martial Arts Mayhem 3

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In this "non-sanctioned" installment of our MAM series, we take a side trip to Soccum High, where trouble-making 18 year olds Sylvia and Portia are trying to adjust to the new school, but their old-habits are still in place as they are caught trying to seduce the counselor by principal Lotta Mounds.

Ms. Mounds decides if the girls have excess desire for physicality, perhaps the best thing for them to do is work it off - at the school's martial arts auditorium!

These scantily clad girls put on a great show, with kicks and holds worthy of more experienced fighters, and there's even a nipple-slip or two, before one girl is knocked OUT, and for good measure, pinned as well.

Is it enough to win the handsome counselor? Or is there a twist at the end? Find out in this latest effort by LYKAMO!

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