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The world of foxy boxing is full of barely-legal brawlers, but these girls are usually thin and meek, nothing like what you'd want to see in a real fight. So here we present the first BUST TEEN Championship bout, featuring SHANNON and TERRI, both 18 year-olds with impressive fight skills... AND melon sized boobs!

Our referee is reliable "Little" Susie, who knows better than to come between angry boxers - but can even SHE stay out of the way of the mega-mounded mayhem that is sure to follow?

It's an exciting no-rounds and few rules TOPLESS battle rendered for us by the talent at ZenBayMono Studio.

25 Images, in wide-view 1024 x 640 pixel images.
Delivered in 8 MB Zipped file.

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Since RingAngels.com is ONLY for the non-nude stories, the bikinis STAY on HERE


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