Business Gymnasium 01

Business Gymnasium 01

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Pepitomichel returns and Zenbaymono Studio has met the challenge again with a unique hard fought battle with erotic overtones.

Here is the first of three tales of "The Business Gymnasium." This is an invitation-only exclusive wrestling club, which attracts the attention of powerful women from high and low places all over the world.

Tonight four beauties will participate in battles, including the current club champion from Sweden, Big Helga. She will face off first in a non-title match against gorgeous grappler Sugar Tits, a black beauty from the U.S. hoping to make a name for herself and earn money for herself and her family.

This match is followed by a contender's match, with amateur wrestler Lady E facing off against a true princess Statira. The winner of this match will go on to face Big Helga in a title match.

These big women are rendered a bit more rugged than the average competitors in a typical battle, per the directions of author Pepitomichel, but we think you'll enjoy the action as these women almost exclusively seek to squeeze and crush a victory out of their opponent.

While the girls are battling it out in the foreground, Mistress Anastasia enjoys sexual escapades with the barely-legal ring attendants, Julien and Simout.

Also included are six bonus gag images, utilizing the characters and scenes from the match combined with some other familiar characters from the Zenbaymono Portfolio.

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