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World War II was aptly named, as it affected the world. Yes, many tragic deaths but also great leaps in technology. The war influenced industry as much as it did people. One of those influences was in the comic book industry - comics were flooded with stories of fictional Americans fighting in uniform and in costumes.

One of those characters was WAR NURSE, the heroic identity of Pat Parker. War Nurse had no powers but was rather an extraordinary woman who fought bravely for the country she loved.

Among those on the other side was BARONESS BLOOD. Also lacking any powers, it was the Baroness' flying skills and ruthlessness that made her an asset for the German army.

Here we present an account of a temporary truce in an undesignated part of Europe, where War Nurse and Baroness Blood come together in a wrestling match for the entertainment of a small group of soldiers. Accompanying them are War Bonds and Little Nanzi, who also become a part of the fray.

No nudity here, but a great battle between two powerful women who are almost as eager to with this fight as the are the war!

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