A Bugs Fight (Bikini)

A Bugs Fight (Bikini)

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Excited... and desperate!

That's the plight of two gals when they learn their favorite performer is in town... and they have NO money for the tickets! But it's said where there's a will, there's a way, and they learn they can earn BIG BUCKS if they can defeat "BLACK WIDOW," the ass-kicking topless boxing queen! So they sign up as "BUMBLE BEE" and "LADY BUG" and are ready to show off their non-existent boxing skills!

Can BLACK WIDOW handle both of them? Can THEY handle BLACK WIDOW? Will they get to go to the concert?

Learn the answers to these questions from your RINGSIDE SEAT provided for you by the BEST friend of the GORGEOUS BOXING GIRLS... BYRON!

(Note: This is a special version that features NO nudity with a slightly different ending from the original topless comic.)

25 JPEG Images
1024 x 738
Delivered in 9 MB Zipped File

Also available at Byron's LULU STORE and RingAngels.com

Rather watch 'em TOPLESS? Click HERE

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