Black and Blonde Boxing

Black and Blonde Boxing

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Welcome back to the BUSINESS GYMNASIUM, where the best fighters participate in tough and often erotic battles.

Tonight is a rare BOXING match, and the very FIRST "all-in" battle, meaning both teams are in the ring simultaneously, with no rules or referee to get in the way of their desired tactics. Team Blonde is Hilda and her 18 year-old son Danny. Their opponents are Team Black, featuring Sugar Tits and her 18 year-old nephew Jael. Each team has confidence in their abilities and are willing to use any tactic, regardless of how brutal or erotic, to claim the victory. Curiously, their trunks may come and go, but that's just the magic of the BUSINESS GYMNASIUM.

The story is told in 12 original images, with an additional 10 where minor alterations are made to the originals, which includes an alternate ending!

One of a kind art by a one of a kind artist, ZenbayMono studio.

12 Images plus alternates
1024 x 768 Pixels
Delivered as 6 MB Zipped File

Would you rather see 'em wrestling? We got that HERE

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