Black and Blonde Wrestling

Black and Blonde Wrestling

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Some like wrestling, some like boxing, some like BOTH!

If you're not a boxing fan, maybe you passed on Black and Blonde Boxing, so...

How about wrestling? Here we return Team Blonde and Team Ebony in another all-in battle (all four fighter in the ring at the same time). Hilda and her 18 year-old son Danny face off against Sugar Tits and her nephew Jael. These are experienced grapplers with power and a willingness to do what it takes to win, no matter how brutal or erotic.

Mostly it's girl-vs-girl and guy-vs-guy, but you KNOW they're gonna mix it up, right?

Two dozen images tell the tale (a few "borrowed" from the boxing version) with another dozen alternate panels, mostly all-nude versions but a few close ups as well.

It's a testimony to the talent and versatility of ZenBayMono Studio that we can present such outrageous and exciting battles!

1024 x 768 pixels
Delivered in 16 MB Zipped File

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