Raquel vs Jessica

Raquel vs Jessica

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It is a delight to have a new comic from the very talented SKOPE. These are his own original works, giving a fresh perspective to the sensual yet brutal aspect of women fighting for supremacy.

Jessica is our blonde, Raquel our brunette. Both are young, but are not rookies in the traditional sense. They have both been blessed and cursed with beauty and raw sexuality, which attracts the lust of men, and the jealousy of women. In the ring all is balanced - it isn't how they look or how they make their opponent feel... it is about truly being the BETTER woman, only leaving the ring as victor - or victim.

Oh - and "spanking" fans? Two great panels await you!  Sleeper finish.

These 20 panels are "old school" pencils to which SKOPE has digitally added his amazing color. We're sure you'll continue to enjoy the beautiful and savage work of SKOPE!

20 JPEG Images, 1024 x 735
Delivered as 5 MB Zipped File

Also available at SKOPE's Lulu Store HERE

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