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ZBM Gallery 13

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One of the most fun projects we get to work on is the gallery collections from ZenbayMono Studios. You may wonder how these come to be. Well, we get these crazy ideas, work them out and forward them to ZBM. No order, no rhyme, no reason. Then when we have at least 12 of a given genre (boxing, wrestling, etc.), we pull them together, add some dialogue where we can, and then offer them to you, our great, loyal fans.

As we start to wind up for the year, giving us time for the holidays, we find we have a great collection of odds and ends from the year's efforts - mostly wrestling, though some would be looked on as fighting. And while we usually try to keep the same gender within a set, here there's a bit of mixed action as well as the gals going at it, though you'll see it is mostly gals.

There's plenty of erotic action, and even a little mud thrown in too (and the same images without mud, for the purist). There's a total of 20 all-new images, with our usual effort at alternate versions, as well as some remixes of some older pieces.

And since 'tis the season, we've even discounted it a bit through the month of December.

We hope you'll enjoy the final ZBM Gallery for the year, and look for MORE great work from the ZBM team next year!

20 images plus variants and extras, over 3 dozen images in all!

1024 x 768 Pixels
Delivered in 11 MB Zipped File

Also available in PDF format at our LULU Store

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