Battle of the Susies (Topless)

Battle of the Susies (Topless)

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We first introduced "Little" Susie as a redhead. Somewhere along the way, she became a brunette. So whatever became of the redhead?

Well we're not sure, but she's BACK, and she's more than a little irritated at the dark-haired girl claiming her name and her looks! So she's challenged the OTHER Susie to a boxing match, for the title of... "LITTLE" SUSIE!

It's no rounds, and our guest referee is Jenni. It's a short bout, but it ends in a KNOCKOUT!

There are TWO versions of this battle, one TOPLESS, one BIKINI. This is the TOPLESS version. For the BIKINI version, click HERE.

Want BOTH? Click HERE.

Twelve original images from ZenbayMono Studio
1024 x 768 Resolution

Delivered in 7 MB Zipped File.

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