Barn Beatdown (Alt)

Barn Beatdown (Alt)

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The popular hermaphrodite wrestler PRINCESS RAE RAE has come to the United States for a working tour! She's making great money wrestling women and men in private matches, and was surprised to get a challenge from relative newcomer "Rocking" Ruby, a New Orleans gal with a farm in Georgia. Rae Rae was delighted to find another "cock girl" to wrestle, and accepted the challenge of this Cajun beauty.

Their match is "Bayou Rules," which Rae Rae later learned that it's anything goes, and the ref gets to take sides! In this case the ref is Cheri Rodette, a Texas gal who helps Ruby manage her farm. And it's in a clean barn with a crude ring (and hay for a mat!) that the pricky Princess finds herself, and our match begins. Rae Rae is in for a BIG surprise...

It's brutal... it's erotic... and it's VERY one sided!

12 Images, 1024 x 768
Delivered in 10 MB Zipped File.

Beautiful art (as always) from ZenbayMono Studio. Includes some bonus gag panels.

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