Sex In The Ring

Sex In The Ring

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To many, wrestling is a fetish. A natural, guaranteed turn-on. So why hide it? We're watching veiled acts of sex between the guys and gals, right? Close contact, bodies rubbing, grunting, moaning, sweating... yeah that's sex! And WRESTLING too!

We dug into over 1,000 drawings from the ZBM archives and came up with 69 images (seemed like the right number) that has the guys and gals getting right to it! Nope, no wrestling, but satisfying themselves and each other in the ring, in front of their cheering fans! We pulled these from all existing works - the Business Gymnasium series (remember the erotic action in the background?), some from Moko Moko and Black and Blonde wrestling, the rest from other galleries.

If you're a regular fan of the ZenbayMono art, you've ALREADY seen 98% of these images. But if you're a newcomer or part-time buyer, this is a great value and a marvelous intro to the erotic art of ZBM.

69 images
1024 x 768 Pixels
Delivered in 19 MB Zipped File

Also available in PDF format with instant access at our LULU STORE

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