Granny Dreams of Shannon

Granny Dreams of Shannon

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We recently received a great set of images from ZenbayMono Studios, based on a script for SHOOT FIGHT 2. While doing post production for that comic, we discovered an alternate comic that could be created with a mix of the new images (Granny and Shannon) and several previously published gallery scenes (Shannon in wrestling, boxing, and erotic ring action).

That effort has created "Granny Dreams of Shannon," where an older ring veteran fondly recalls some of her favorite matches she's seen with 18 year old Shannon. In fact, it's more accurate to say that Granny is "fondling" while she remembers! Half-way through her reverie, Shannon herself walks into the locker room, and helps Granny work through her arousal. They are interrupted by the argument between Zateras and Rico, whom they attempt to engage sexually, but they are blown off, which doesn't end well for the boys!

The story is told in 18 images, followed by a lucky seven more of Granny's favorite scenes featuring Shannon in action from previously published galleries.

Since this special adaptation isn't strictly all-new images, we're offering it at a less than standard price - but we think it would be worth it at full price, too.

Illustrations by ZenbayMono Studio
1024 x 768 Pixels
Delivered in 8 MB Zipped File

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