Arena Foxy Susie vs Connie

Arena Foxy Susie vs Connie

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One of the most popular gals at Foxy Brawlers is plump, bespectacled "Little" Susie. This 18 year-old is tough and sexy, and has enjoyed employment as a referee in addition to being a boxer and wrestler. Lately, she's given and taken some hits in the boxing ring from "Crusher" Connie, a corn-fed country girl.

These images have appeared across several ZBM Boxing galleries. Here, those same images have been given fresh backgrounds, a narrative, and occasional dialogue as they square off in a boxing match, start-to-finish, with cute little Jenni as referee.

Twenty-two images plus a new cover and arena setting, plus six bonus remixed images for twenty-nine images in all. Again, if you've bought our ZBM galleries, you've already seen these pictures. But this is the first time they are presented in a group, represented as a full boxing match between these buxom gals.

Illustrations by ZenbayMono Studio

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