EWF 01 - Alexei vs The Crusher

EWF 01 - Alexei vs The Crusher

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Perfect Slam recently approached us about promoting his new wrestling series, EROTIC WRESTLING FEDERATION. Though not a fan as such of 3d art, the approach is so unique we had to support it.

As the title suggests, matches sanctioned in the EWF are both about wrestling - and you'll find the erotic element too. In the premiere bout, we find two big and powerful men, Alexei Volkov versus The Crusher. And not just any match either, as this is a "Get Off" bout - pins or submissions don't count; the winner is the one who makes his opponent orgasm. And even when that happens, the winner wants a little more from his beaten opponent...

Perfect Slam knows his wrestling, and many great holds are shown before he decides to let things get "down and dirty." A great comic for the wrestling purist who likes a naughty ending.

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