Training Day (pdf)

Training Day (pdf)

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What started as an audio file for our Sounds Foxy series is now a full-color, high-resolution comic from our friends at Kanban Studio.

As told by Jennifer, she informs us early on that she is a "fucking" hot mother of two - and gathering laundry, she catches her son Kenny masturbating with a pillow. Embarrassed, he claims he was only practicing wrestling holds. Jennifer strips to underwear and offers to be his "wrestling partner," wanting him to try that "pin" on her. She in turn puts a sexy pin on him, as well!

Not so much wrestling, but a intimate encounter between mother and son!

It's ten pages with three dozen panels, 8 1/2 x 11 (U.S. Letter size) format.

With 300 dpi resolution you can print it out and enjoy it away from the computer.

BONUS: Includes the original script used to create the audio production.

All characters presented are at least 18 years of age!

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