Bunny's Tale (MP3)

Bunny's Tale (MP3)

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One of the great joys of our business was the acquisition of the PC Toons library. PC gave it a fantastic run, giving us memorably characters such as Melony Steele, June Faithful, Teena Dream and more! Perhaps the most literate of them all was the tale of Bunny Bailey, a housewife who earned and enjoyed a good life, only to have it taken away from her. The only option she had was to risk her near middle-aged body in a foxy boxing match, against a ruthless, tyrannical fighter in Aerotica!

Well if you're a fan of PC Toons' work, odds are you already own "Bunny's Tale" but here we present a companion piece, the story presented in audio format, narrated by the sultry Kara Knight.

It's 18 minutes and includes all the action provided by our old friend PC Toons. This homage was so dear to us we even produced a new digital painting for the promotional art!

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