The Tournament

The Tournament

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In the small European village of Nokautia, every year there is a tournament. All are invited, man, woman, boy, girl... and they fight until only one is left standing! Why do they fight so hard? Well, the prize is a chest full of GOLD!

Dorina has been the winner for some years, but that doesn't stop the villagers from coming, hoping, trying... and this year a new fighter participates! Young Erika has been training hard, and hopes to win the gold to take care of her ailing parents. The villagers are quickly dispatched - leaving only Dorina and Erika! It's a classic tale of David and Goliath - but in these situations, David doesn't always win!

So to borrow from our good friend Byron... let's see what happens!

12 Original images, 1024 x 768 pixels
Delivered in an 8 MB zipped file

Illustrated by ZenbayMono Studio

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