Teena Dream 20th Anniversary Edition

Teena Dream 20th Anniversary Edition

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It's been 20 years since PC TOONS brought us the amazing character TEENA DREAM and the outrageous story of her battle with DOMINO GLAMAZON. Teena has appeared in other stories since, but "The Brave Little Schoolgirl" is undoubtedly a fan favorite!

We revisit Teena's battle, complete with a brief backstory, rendered in a more realistic comic book style by the talented Marc Rosette. Almost all the original action is there, but with look and feel of the battle really taking place!

Also included are pages with viewable thumbnails of the ORIGINAL PC Toons art, so you can compare the old and the new. Or, if (*gasp*) you've NEVER read the original, consider it a convenient free bonus!

Nine pages of original art, PC's "heirloom" thumbnails, plus digitally painted color cover by Marc Rosette

Standard Comic Book Format
About 7 1/2 x 10 inches
Print Resolution PDF File

Also available with instant access at our LULU STORE

Hey! There's a PRINT EDITION, TOO!

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